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Santoker Coffee Cupping Spoon

The Santoker Coffee Cupping Spoon outer is coated with Titanium in a high-temperature, vacuum titanium-gold furnace, the metal or alloy vapor is ionized by glow discharge of inert gas, and the ions are accelerated by an electric field to deposit a negatively charged stainless steel plate, thereby forming a rich and colorful metal film.

Advantages of stainless steel titanium coating

high hardness, anti-wear sassafras, no flaking, no fading, high corrosion resistance, and is not affected by ultraviolet rays.

Performance advantages

1 Plasticity: bending more than 90 degrees, it is not easy to break or peel and surface scratches.

2 Resistance: hardness coefficient exceeds 80RC.

3 Durability: The surface polishing can be maintained for more than 20 years.

4 Easy to clean: use a soft cloth and glass cleaner

santoker coffee cupping spoon
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